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Adult Education

Jew Chew Review

Study Jews and Eat Jewish Foods from Around the World. 

Beth El’s signature adult education monthly shabbat luncheons. 


September 10

November 12

December 10

January 14

February 11

March 11

May 13

June 10


Uzbek-Bukharan Jews

Ethiopian Israelis

Bangkok Embassy Crisis


Peru's New Jews

Glasgow, Scotland, UK-Kunin




Sabbath meal in a pot ash sabo

Sigd Break Fast

Thai Cuisine

Vegemite (O-U Certified)

Peruvian Ceviche a la Granada

Jewish Scottish Strudel



Concierge Judaism

Personalized Learning

Schedule a Private or Group Learning Session with Rabbi Kasman

Create a Jewish-Themed Lesson in Your Home or Via Zoom

Choose from these Suggestions or Ask Your Questions

“L’chayim: Drink Up” What is the origin of the toast L’chayim? Why is sacramental wine so sweet? How do you fulfill the mitzvah of honoring your father if he is an alcoholic? Temple Beth El supplies Rabbi Kasman and a bottle of wine. (Proof of Age Required)

Jewish Magic: What would be on the curriculum if Hogwarts were a Jewish School? According to classical sources, the first rabbis were magic users. Spells, Potions, Transformations, Magical Creatures and, of course, Defence Against the Dark Arts were all talked about at the first Rabbinic academy at Yavneh. Rabbi Kasman will quote some classical sources from the Talmud about these things and facilitate discussion about how we should understand Jewish law when it came mixed up with fantastic stories.

Web Presence: What do you come up with if you Google “Judaism” or “Jew?” How does it compare with the way you think of our religion? Hook up a laptop to your big screen. Rabbi Kasman will facilitate a tour of the World Wide Web and discuss what we must look like to someone experiencing their Jews through the Virtual world.

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