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Young Members


Moving Forward in
Formal Jewish Learning

Our religious education program embraces the best methodologies for young learners. It is easy to see why. Our synagogue board members are parents of kindergarteners, preschoolers, toddlers, and babies, so it is our top priority to serve this population.

Follow the Child’s Interest —Our approach begins with the child’s perspective. Youngsters are interested in the bima steps, the pew cushions, and the velvet scroll covers. Rabbi Kasman embraces this natural curiosity and channels it into foundational Jewish learning. This student-centered, self-guided approach to experiential learning validates the Judaism already inherent in Jewish children. Though not an officially registered Reggio Emilia program, we appreciate and take advantage of the free resources offered by the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance.

Reading When Readiness When Ready for Reading—Our students are exposed to Hebrew letters and phonics as they show an interest in those skills. We are using the developmental materials at Torah Aura Productions.

March into the Shul
Ein Kelohenu
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